Monday, April 6, 2015

Its been a year and more....

Hello, its been a year and more since I didn't write here. In my head this even go like it was years. Anyway. I suppose to talk about art here, that is the reason I am actually in this blog. Its been around 9 years since my start of doing artworks.
Last 2-3 years  are not best of this, taking in mind, that I stopped.   Now, I do very rarely - for example 2 times a month. I remember with such a nostalgia times ,that I done it on regular basis.

Today, actually is one rainy day of April. I have ended several things in my life - things, that I considered important. Now, they are just part of the past.
I am extremely happy about it. There is time in life, that something must come to its end. Today, I feel I can start over. 

When we come face to face with something inside us - part of the past, or just image, this confuses. I can not tell if I will be same person tomorrow, as I know I have been very different person 9 years ago. Its unclear for me if I have changed for better or worse. There is in me something like a basic depression. I have a look at life as a tragedy. Soul tragedy.

One of the best of my feelings inside, is the moments that  everyday life go in fog. I like the moments, when nothing in life is so important. I feel free that way.
The fight for freedom inside is desperate. I have always come to failure to be really free. At moments I feel I am in victory, I find myself in front of the next lock door. Wondering why I illustrate another false freedom.

Periods in life are circles, and go around them, just like all the others.


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