Sunday, January 6, 2013

Maybe I want to talk?!!!

Here two of my latest artworks " Cover the Empty" and " For the lost". "Cover the Empty" it is more like painting experiment.Over the photo of me I used a lot of painting with Photoshop Brushes.The truth is that I am not vary pleased with the final result - I think it is a lot static, still look vary naive - but at least it is experiment:) Idea about the hair is from long,I love to work over the hair about covering things and make it appear in not vary usual way,  working on hair like this,make the image look more " surreal".Not so realistic,and that is my aim,really.

"For the lost" it is much more personal work,target a particular group of people from the society,who obviously close their eyes for truth ,get afraid of truth. In their life they prefer stay blind ,even their blindness is not real...Their living in compete darkness is initiated from themselves.I know I have many interpret ions of this theme,some not so successful ,some more successful.....

For the lost

For those who never win....
....never feel,never find.....
For those failed....and disturbed....
...lost and forgotten ....Forever rejected....
....forever blind...
...forever in darkness...
For those who pray....
But noone hear their prayers....
For those who never realize...never understand...unable to see who they are...For those who life has only one side - Dark one....Only one stairs,those which lead down,always down....forever down.....

                                                                Cover the empty...

For the lost


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