Sunday, May 9, 2010

With connection to Art

...the last weeks i decided to stop doing art. And to go to other direction - my psychology work.
But now there is something that appear in front of me....and I will back.
I dont know I feel very comlicated feelings trough Art. some of them are that i feel i have nothing to give...and some of them are like I have to go on.....

Anyway I will continue slowly. And I will look what will gonna happen.
i love Art. Its true. i love it all kind of arts....i think this is good thing after all.
contradiction in me will be resolved by itself.


  1. Teddy, I hope you will always do your artwork, maybe not for others always, but always for yourself. I wish I had been doing art when I was working as a therapist. It would have helped me continue, but I got very stressed dealing with such dark problems every day. I realize now that art is my therapy. I need it. Sometimes my art is good to share, and other times, it just helps me get the darkness out of my soul so I can walk in the light. You're a great artist because you can express deep things through your art. That is great and helpful. Sometimes it's good just to have fun and make something pretty, as it adds joy to life. I would be sad to not see your work any more. Be good to yourself. And yes, it will work itself out. Hugs.

  2. Karen,thanks so much for your comment.
    I didnt know you work as a terapist?
    Yes, I guess now you can understand me. Well for sure I will continue....for fun and for relax.
    I realised I need it too.

    I am, now psychologist and begiiner terapist. Still very unsure in my teratist job...but sure I am good psychologist.

    What kind of terapist you are?
    You can sare with me if you want?



  3. Teddy
    I find these contradictions resolve themselves if I don't think about them. Art is enough thought in its self!

    I am a listener as well - pragmatism is the key.... ;-)