Tuesday, March 9, 2010

...Some news...

...I reconsider all my art. And I came to the conclusion to delete most of my old works...as i do not feel they are good. and i canceled my prints on DeviantArt. I keep only fiew prints in Imagekind.
I think everyone go trought such time of reconsideration of the job done.
For me this follow an change that happens inside me. As i am different person and a lot of my old works are not me....
I dont know about the future...but for now i feel that this is good to delete everything that i feel is not Me...anymore:)


  1. I can understand the urge to delete stuff from the past that isn't you. I get disappointed when people tell me their favorite photos of mine and they're ones I don't really care about. There's a couple that are very popular but I've never posted them anywhere but Flickr because I just don't want to be known for them.

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