Monday, March 3, 2008

Next Step

When you open the door ,what you see there? Is your inner door open?
Sometime I need to go out and to see, and to breath. Sometimes this is impossible to me.


  1. I have looked at these 3 images many times now and I still can't decide which is my favourite, I like them all, maybe the 3rd one is my favourite. I think all the small branches and twigs on the tree are thoughts and memories and ideas which can fill your mind and sometimes be hard to see past them. beautiful images :-), Lisa

  2. It is remarkable what you have accomplished. Very beautiful photography. So much done with light and darkness. I am very impressed. I am happy to add you as a friend. Mike

  3. Wonderful creations. Almost all your photos have the stamp of your own individuality. You have improved a lot. I think that you have just strated to tread on your own path. The tone of depression is fading out and reveals someone who is happily eager to create.
    I watch your photos but generally restrain myself to comment. It's because I watch the artist more as much as your creations reveal.
    God bless you.