Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mist images

These images are ispired by mist and the typical mood they bring. Mist cover the world around and this create something new.


  1. in English mist sounds like mystery, hehe, doesn't it?
    The tree-eye in the second pict is a little disturbing, worryngly, to me.
    I like so much that empty chair and those candles because seem to be the spirit of mist: if it's very strong the world is empty and white, you can't see nothing but your foot and there's no way, you're alone
    [Happy Easter Teddy]

  2. Delightful Darling Teddy :-)


  3. Teodora, it is interesting to hear you say your work is 'dark' I've never felt it to be that way. I've always sensed a inner light to your work and a very postive energy that I associate with light and spirit, even in your 'darker' pieces.

    That said, I really like the new work as well. It is hard anytime we try to move into new areas, it is supposed to be that way. And just remember, that in art, as in life, light is defined by its opposite, darkness.


  4. Amazing work Teo! I always look forward to something new and imaginative from you.

  5. beutifuulll sacro art cool.....

  6. Lovely creations. I enjoyed viewing your images. They show a beautiful world.

  7. Teodora, these are beautiful images, even through the mist you can see there is some light.