Thursday, December 13, 2007

Look in my past

This image is created for the theme I am very interested in...." The shadow of the past" What does it mean? What is past for us? When we are engage in remembering? Any of you who want share opinion about the subject,FEEL FREE TO DO SO..I well publish his/her opinion here in my blog with link to his/her photostream:)

Here is one Person who do so in his phorographs Rafael Goldchain:

YOUR OPINIONS: what are the shadows of the past?

to me the shadow of the past is black ghost behind us, it exist to remind us that history should be teacher of life.About the past, in general, I think that it's important but it can't be lost, so we must think mostly at the present because we live every single second in present, we had it in our hands and it's stupid throw away the little part of time given to us. CARPE DIEM
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cat tom sylvester
Every person wants to be happy and when we engage ourself in remembering , we try to link to the happy moments , we want , though it is a different subject , that our mind / conscience , debates everything , at the same time , as ethical or nonethical and leaves on us to decide . The conscience always acts as a dog which only barks but never stops us , on choosing our path ( ethical , nonethical being relative terms from person to person ) . Our mind , which does all the thinking / remembering , works continuosly , except in deep sleep , when we donot even dream , is to be focused , for which we need a Goal ( good / bad /ugly goals are relative terms and depend upon person to person ) . Achieving / Striving for a goal , is related to finding happiness at the end . Remembering the past , is a continuous process of mind , to analyze pros and cons , in achieving / striving for our goals . Mind can never stay still , it remains engaged from birth to death . The only way to remove one thought from our mind is to fill the mind with a more powerful thought , by which we are convinced . This convincing process ( mind's analyzing power ) , uses wisdom / intellect ( different for different persons ) . The concluding results , we try to draw , after analysis of the past , is called experience and goes into the storage of the human computer ( mind ) , which is used by our mind as practical wisdom / intellect , for further analysis . Basically , there are three types of persons in this world , the good , the bad , the ugly . They behave / act accordingly , as per their basic nature / instinct and that's why definitions change from person to persons . Also , every person , is having both , adult / child and male / female , characteristics in certain ratios , as per their past experience , which also affects , their thought process / drawing conclusions from the past , resulting in different , behaviour patterns . With all this ( crap i should say ) , the only thing , which is most important for us human beings and soothes us most is that divine force / power , having all solutions is called " LOVE " , present in HEART , also relates to feelings . Without love , our existance is not there , which is present in abundance in women , whom I respect and regard and are my inspiration.
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The past is what older people look to when the future is not too long for them.
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Yes, we are all the sum total of what has gone before.
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We must remember the past to better project ourselves into the future with confidence.
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Daniel Colvin
Ahhh, the past. It is a figment of our mind probably. Surely these events and sensations in our memories happened, and probably to us. (can memories leak from one person to another if they are close enough?) But also we are doomed to see them always as a part of our present, like a veil held behind us, covered in images and impressions that fade very fast. I like the way you are looking over you shoulder in this, because that is the right idea I think about memory. Also I like the streaming texture running across the frame, which is like the flow of time.
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Past for my is cummulative bag of experiences that makes my today's personality. I am in great proportion what my experience is... and I travel to the past with sensorial stimuli that unconsciously associate with pleasant moments: the smell of my grandmother's perfume, the taste of a dish, some of the artwork here on flickr..
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We all have things in our past that can haunt us, and it is not good to ignore them. Better to bring them out into the light and allow them to be healed. I believe it usually takes a loving person to help us bring perspective and resolution to our past. Accepting the truth and gaining healing came to me through my relationship with Christ and others who helped me through pain and grief and encouraged me to forgive and move on. When we are free from the discouragement of our past and the lies it tells us about ourselves, then we are free to move into the future and be the person we were meant to be.
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My personal opinion must be as we speak of a shadow, it must be the past that will always follow us, we can not get rid of it, even if we wanted to, it will follow us forever. Our secrets, "dark" side, things about ourselves that we don't want to share. Or even things we don't want to remember, but it's always there lurking in the background.Not a good reply, but it's what I can do in a short time ;o)I think your picture represents this, the way she looks halfway back, knowing this shadow to be there, are drawn to it but will not face it. The setting and colors are all well put together.Fantastic creation, and I so like your "idea" behind it.
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The past for me is complex. I try to relive the good parts by remember them and savoring them. The bad parts I try to use only insofar as avoiding redoing them again. I am made up of my personality and my past. This has to be acknowledged and used to my benefit and to the benefit of those people with whom I am in contact.
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For me, past is root. My experiences, my character, my (not so well done) body... All were formed in the past. So, I think, it's an important thing to understand myself. But past should never be an excuse for not to live today.
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~~~~~bad times in my childhood are a strong power for my immense, very much art workings, helps me indeed!
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I think the past is a projection and nothing more. It's always subjective rather than objective, since it can't exist outside of perception. Even when we say "the past" and mean it scientifically our "objectivity" is subjective. Actually, that sounds way too like Descartes, and I don't believe in "Cogito ergo sum" since I mightn't even be the one doing the thinking
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Martin Kimeldorf's Pixel Playground
The past is who we were...not who we are to become.Though we are to be NEXT is clearly tethered to the past, it is not exclusively determined by the past...Each time we recall...we re-live the past...good or bad.
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Your phrase, "A shadow of the past" is very similar to, "A shadowy figure from the past" which seems like something I have heard often enough. It is interesting, not just because of the meaning, but because of the consistency in which society seems to associate light and white with good, and dark and black with evil. I don't know if this is what you were after but what I think is implied is that the shadow is something that the person whose shadow it is, wants to remain hidden. Something that would make them seem less if it were generally known - if, as they say, it came to light. One has to realize, however, that as long as it is concealed the perceived danger of this thing coming to light is usually not known. No one can totally escape their past. Conclusions will be made by others drawn from information about their past. We can't change the past. I suspect everyone would like certain things in their past to remain secret. But just the possibility of one's past becoming known may be enough to torment a person.
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Regarding the shadow of the past, for me most that goes associated with "shadow" implies something that had to be hidden from the others, from people. From there it goes either associated with guilt, but also shame, or simply unpleasant memories of people or events. The past perse` is not of the same importance for everyone. All of us do carry our lugage along with us, and the memories we cherish are always the pleasant once, as for the shadows - these we keep locked up and try to bury and forget -

which unfortunately almost never works :)

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