Thursday, November 15, 2007

I am happy to create this blog. I will continue to work on it in future
I didn,t know how funny is to create a blog....
This is my lattest works ,inspired by the winter!


  1. Oooohhhh...I´m so happy that you create a blog!!!
    I will visit you EVERY day!!!!
    Thank you for the invite....I love all your work and think you are very creative....
    Al my best

  2. Congratulations on starting a blog. Now you will discover it's as addictive as flickr!

    Your beautiful winter artwork will help me get through this cold season!

  3. Welcome to the blogoshere! Every time I view your photostream I am totally mystified. I expect the same from your blog. ;)

  4. UR beautiful back , i am very happy to see ur blog , though i hav not posted any photo on flckr but i like friends like u & ur friendship makes me feel elevated . Now that u know my other name also , that is tom sylvester garfield , u may visit my blog ( with others pic., but my comments ), i will appreciate if u just say hello , there . my blog is wwwgyanendranath in tom's profile , tks . best regards teddy .

  5. blog is a funny word!
    always makes me thing of a frog with a long sticky tongue...
    well I Kiss this blog my flickr princess're the best!
    of flickr acclaim ;~)

  6. my first comment wasn't created right
    and created a bad link - maybe I got it right this time?