Thursday, November 22, 2007

In an imagination........there are so many possibilities...

This is my new work I finished today. I put more fantasy here then before....The model is my fantastic friend Ursula,I like her expressions and it is pleasure for me to work with her images:) Actually yestarday I made another image with her....but In last minute I deleted it by mistake, here I post only detail from deleted work:(

Here are close- ups ,to see details:)

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  1. So beautiful...I love it ....I love all of your work(you already know that)...:)
    Thank you for the links to You Tube ...its amazing to watch your workingmethods in Photoshop...I can sit and look forever....AMAZING...its nearly magic! Thank you....I should tell a friend of mine about your blog, because she is also interested in Photoshop....a big hug to you from Clara