Sunday, November 18, 2007

Mistery of the woman in the mirror

Here is my new work..inspired of old films and the mistery of the woman of the mirror:) There are here some other version and a close -up of the face.The make-up in my face is made like in retro films:)
"She hates the image of the mirror, she is envy on her..."
Here a link to song of"Soundie - Lamp Of Memory (1944)": :)


  1. my dear teodora taneva , th teddy , after looking to ur beautiful pic in traditional dress , i am first of all so happy , tht i got this oppurtinity to write a few words , simply marvellous , stunning as usual , very beautiful , frumoasa . U look Great , as it is U look so mysterious but i know how much nice a person u are that u send me the replies to my mail . I wish U , ' ALL THE BEST ' in every endeavour of yours . U are so sweet. warm regards , always ur wellwisher , timon th meercat.

  2. Marlene Azoulai, from flickrNovember 26, 2007 at 12:12 PM

    i am glad to discover this blog...
    you are doing important work here...
    you are dealing with beauty and the spirit...
    what it it is our selves and by others...

  3. Have all th gifts , THRU THE LOVELY SANTA , HAPPY HOLIDAYS . Convey my christmas greetings to UR , FAMILY , too . U have given a beautiful closeup of urself (woman in th mirror ), thankyou.TIMONthmeercat