Friday, November 30, 2007

Deepest roots
This image is created for contest:) I am not sure about the roots,they are not very well done, but this is the best I can at this moment......I really like the surrealism, especially some kind of dark surrealism - but I am not very good in this:) What else I can say.................
Roots has many meanings, But I am interested in roots of a person.
  1. Do you found your roots ?OR you still searching?


  1. I agree with you root process, but are anyone sure of their roots or when in place do they change?

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  3. You ask "Do you found your roots ?OR you still searching?"

    welll I think we are always finding more of our roots each time we dig a little into the mystery of our lives, and even if we think we find them they keep growing..

  4. it's all about balance - develop one more than the other you will either become root bound or fall over. I'm always intrigued when two trees grow close together - how there roots must become entangled unlike their branches which just sort give the brush off! This is fun Teddy - keep it going if you can...